LLLL.com Domain Guide

What does LLLL means?
LLLL means 4 letter domain name (Letter Letter Letter Letter)

Other abbreviations:
NNNN.com : Number Number Number Number
CCCC.com : 4 Caracter (Number and letter)
CVCV.com : Consonant Vowel Consonant Vowel

LLLL.com are now highly sought after and valuable.
In march 2006 there were 100 000 LLLL.com available for register from a total of 456,976
different combinations. In Oct 2007 (about Six month after), 12500 was still available but since
November 2, 2007 all LLLL.com were registered and the only way to get one is from the after-
market, backorders and auctions. When demand increases and supply decreases, prices therefore rise. Values of LLLL are now bound to go up.
Like 3 letter.com that are selling for over $5000,00, domain name speculators and investors sees in it as gold mine, they buy or backorder them all for future investment. Some companies are already selling for $5000,00 each (classydomains.com).

I remember, in 2005 there were a few 3 letter domain names LLL.com that was listed on
eBay.com for around US$700,00 and each time I want to bid, I said, forget it, I won’t spend
$700.00 on these LLL.com after several months later I see price rising over $2000,00 and now
none of them are affordable. Even CCC.com (Letters and numbers) are sold on Ebay for a
minimum of $400.00.
4 letter dot com will probably follow the 3 letter dot com path in the near future.

Valuation of LLLL.com

All LLLL.com are not equal in value. Some famous 4 letter are abbreviations like YMCA.com,
NYSE.com, LAPD.com, USPS.com… or Brandable ones like DELL.com, EBAY.com,
NEWS.com, SEDO.com, XBOX.com, BOSS.com…

To get a good LLLL.com make sure it can be applied for abbreviations. In the past I owned
NYCX.com that I sold to a New York based company with a huge profit because it can be the
abbreviation of New York Cross Country (bike events).

Brandable LLLL.com like XAUE.com is also a great one because it can be pronounceable
(sounds like zoe), it’s easy to remember and Consonant and Vowels gives this domain name a
unique style that can be used for any kind of products (fashion, car, high tech…) or website
(Social network, Web 2.0…).

In 2005 I’ve registered all 4 letter available (total of 12) that was BMW(letter).com like
BMWJ.com…. and sold on Ebay with an Idea, I wrote in my listing that 4 letter BMW(L) are
rare as none was available for registration, also it’s perfect to anyone owning a BMW that name
start with a J (John, Josh, Jade…) so they’ll be able to register their license plate with these dot
com. I sold them in a week for $100.00 each. This is a proof that any LLLL.com can be valuable
if you have an idea behind it.

According to some domain experts, some letters are good and some aren’t.
LLLL.com’s with (J,K,Q,U,V,W,X,Y,Z) letters are less valuable than other LLLL.com’s without
these letters. I don’t totally agree with them because any of these letters in a LLLL.com that is
pronounceable sold for $xxxx and Chinese web developers are tracking some LLLL.com with
W,Z,Y…. because their language use these letters (Wxgu.com, Xngu.com…..) and they are ready
to buy at any price if it’s a real Chinese word. I can tell you that BYOB.com, LVHM.com, ZOUK.com,…. worth min. of $xx.xxx, so “bad letters” can’t be applied to all LLLL.com.

Other LLLL.com domains (qgxw.com, fqjf.com, vqgf.com….) that have no significations or have
undesirable letters like you can find for sale on after market websites or auctioned have less value but are still finding buyers and price is increasing month after month. For domain investors, it’s great to have them all, having an LLLL.com portfolio is a Must for reselling in the future.

Any double O are real gems
If you own a double O in letter and center, you’ve got a gem (Xoop.com, Zoom.com, Doom.com
Toow.com, Fooh.com, Hook.com, Moos.com, Moon.com, Good.com...) it’s really easy to
remember and very brandable. Other double letters in LLLL.com are less valuable but in some
case their value are still high if an established company name have these letters as abbreviation or initials and need it to shorten their domain name.

Good LLLL.com are also letters that are easy to reach when you type on your computer
keyboard. (qwer.com is a good example), faster you can type better it is but be careful some
letters that are fast to type can be painful to remember.

CVCV.com (Consonant Vowel Consonant Vowel)
These are highly south after, LILO.com, NAMO.com, KILO.com, ZERE.com, FIFU.com,
SUHA.com…. because they are the most memorable. The letter Y is being consider as a Vowel you can replace Y in any Vowel of CVCV.com to get a memorable one too.

Look for Abbreviation letters
LLLL.com that have abbreviations are easier to sell at high price (HI, CA, LA, NY, TV, FM,
….). of course famous one are not for sale anymore (WIFI.com, HDTV.com, HTTP.com,…)

Record Sales of LLLL.com
Domain name PORN.com was sold in 2007 for US$9.5 million and all other LLLL.com that are
dictionary word like BIKE.com, SUMO.com, GAYS.com, BLUE.com, FREE.com, NUDE.com,
FAST.com… worth over US$500,000

List of some LLLL.com Sold (Snapnames) :

apna.com $6200.00
caco.com $5300.00
ceka.com $1350.00
cism.com $2050.00
ctas.com $1650.00
dass.com $2150.00
debe.com $3550.00
ecow.com $1650.00
edta.com $3800.00
else.com $8200.00
esas.com $2950.00
etas.com $3000.00
fics.com $2800.00
giti.com $4700.00
hiri.com $1600.00
icfg.com $2050.00
icta.com $4100.00
ifim.com $2988.00
jibs.com $22472.00
jida.com $2000.00
joka.com $2950.00
josi.com $1650.00
limp.com $9299.00
liva.com $3100.00
luto.com $1700.00
mare.com $10000.00
nute.com $2900.00
olde.com $3400.00
peac.com $2100.00
pona.com $1251.00
saja.com $2251.00
sicc.com $3100.00
smtv.com $18000.00
soes.com $7650.00
uscu.com $6600.00
vipi.com $1150.00
zola.com $11666.00

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