Adsense Alternative

Adsense vs Adsonar

Adsense is more than double what you can expect from Adsonar, plus, with adsonar, ads seemed to be way off giving my website a 'spammy' appearance.
Adsense vs Bidclix

No comparison here! Adsense beat Bidclix without question and again, the ads seemed to be off target.
Adsense vs Clicksor

Adsense made Clicksor look Ridiculous – the payout was not only unimpressive, but downright poor! Adsense beat Clocksor no problem.
Adsense vs IntelliTXT

IntelliTXT didn't pay quite as good as Adsense, but the support is absolutely awesome. You’ll get an account representative who treats you with respect and genuinely cares about how your site is performing. It’s nice to know that if you have a question, you can simply contact your support representative. Adsense vs. IntelliTXT, great support, targeted ads, great service made this a hard call!
Adsense Alternative

I have always wanted to know what Adsense Alternative is out there, so I put together this list of contextual advertising programs. I have tried each one of these alternatives and list the amount that each program pays and what they look like when you're logged in. The reason I set out to join each program and do a comparative analysis is not because I am dissatisfied with Google's Adsense, but rather I didn't feel comfortable having all my eggs in one basket. I have to tell you, after all my research, Adsense is by far the stable advertising program on the net today with YPN Publisher Network paying the Highest.

You'll notice a table at the top of this page listing each contextual advertiser and associated results for 1000 clicks. The statistics, such as click through rate, clicks and earning per click have all been based on actual figures, but can still be inaccurate. Day of week, advertisers spending limits and more can cause these statistics to change daily, even hourly. For me, they satisfy my desire to know what programs other than adsense, are really out there.

Adsense is not listed as I am not permitted to display statistics, but I can say that Google's Adsense out performs the best of programs by at least double.

I should also say that Vibrant Media is by far the most personable advertising program I have found yet. You'll get a representative that works with you every step of the way to get you up and running and that's just the beginning! More about Vibrant Media can be found here at IntelliTXT

Here are the Adsense Alternatives that are available to webmasters wishing to monetize the web!

* Adbrite
* AdEngage
* Adgenta
* Adhearus
* AffiliateSensor
* AllFeeds
* AlternutAd
* BannerBoxes
* BidClix
* Bidvertiser
* CBProSense
* Chitika (Falling Fast!)
* ClicksAdsDirect
* Clicksor
* ContextWeb
* Enhance Interactive
* ExpoActive
* Fastclick text ads
* InfoGrabber
* Intellitxt (Awesome support!)
* Kanoodle
* Mirago (out soon)
* Miva (FindWhat/Espotting)
* Nixxie
* Quigo
* RevenuePilot
* SearchFeed
* TargetPoint
* Veoda
* Yahoo YPN (In Beta, Awesome payout)