DClick Ads:A New Advertising Company

At DClick Ads you can buy and sell all types of advertising like banner ads,text links or embedded links directly within the text content of the websites.DClick Ads have a Smart Cache ad serving technology for publishers utilizing xml ad serving distribution,so there is no system downtime or delayed page loads.
A very good option that dclick ads is offering is that publishers can set their own pricing per week,per month or at per click rates.After you register at dclick ads you can list your advertising space/inventory for sale on the dclick ads website.From there DClick Ads will handle all of the payment processing between buyer and seller (advertiser and webmaster).Each month an advertising revenue check is emailed to you based on your website earnings.
The only system requirements are that your website hosting must support php/linux or windows/asp.You must have access to the site and be able to upload the advertising code and last you should have basic knowledge of how to edit a web page and insert tags and advertisement codes.
So,if you think you can do that just go and register!