Unique Pet Gifts

Do you have a dog or cat?Do you want the best for them?Of course you do!But when was the last time you got a gift for your pet?Yes,I know.Anyway,you ca do that now.Big Paw Designs is here for you and the have unique and classic accessories for cats and dogs.They also have a unique selection of dog & cat bowls, dog & cat toys, catnip, dog & cat collars from the best designers!Founded in 2002 by Carol Perry, Big Paw Designs was inspired by the all of the over sized paws at home & a desire to provide unique, high-quality accessories for pets. Each pet had a paw into the designs. The high-quality, handcrafted accessories are made in the USA and bring out the nobility in pets.Their pewter charms are lead free & Made in the USA. Charms are substantial and popular with all pets. Keep in mind, while durable, pewter will soften with time.The pet necklaces are popular with smaller dogs and cats. Swarovski crystal pearls are lead free crystal; resistant to wear, sun, water, scratches and weighted to feel like real pearls. The pearl collars are accented with colorful crystals &/or charms.

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