Grreks Afraid Of Internet Shopping

The majority of Greeks avoid shopping over the Internet, namely because they do not trust online payment systems and fear that their personal details will be revealed, a study published on Wednesday has revealed. I know this because I am a Greek!
Last year only 4.5 per cent of Greeks made any online purchases, according to a study by the polling firm VPRC the results of which were made public by the daily Kathimerini newspaper.
Of those questioned, 85 per cent said they did not plan to make an online purchase over the next six months, with 36.7 per cent citing doubts about the security of online payment systems and 31 per cent expressing fears about a possible leak of personal data. The average Greek person who does shop online spends 750 euros a year on goods and services, including airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals and the purchase of books and computer equipment. But we also should say here that the average Greek salary is 700$ per month!Four in 10 Greeks use the Internet, mainly for e-mail and research purposes.