The JohnChow Phenomenon

If you type make money online on Google you will see that on the first or second place is the website.This blog is 5-6 months old I think but it has become very popular.This guy (John Chow) is writing there tips and tactics to make money online but there are also other categories.When he started he was using only Google Adsense and had some earnings like 160$ etc.Now he is making about 9.000$ per month!Using Adsense,TTZ,Kontera,ReviewMe and other companies he managed to grow very fast.Believe me,it's not easy to be the number one for the search :make money on the internet.Now John Chow is giving away a Microsoft Zune MP3 player if you write a post about him on your blog.All you have to do is email the link of your post to him and wait.Who knows maybe you are lucky.