Marketing Tools

Are you looking to promote your site but don't know where to start?Take a look at Marketing Mule.This is an internet marketing tools directory and you can find everything related to marketing there.You can search more than 1000 tools,download software but also read articles and reviews.I found some nice tools for my blogs like the Head Meta Description plugin for Wordpress.This plugin allows you to add custom meta description tags to all pages on your site including blog posts. The plugin outputs a brief summary of a post’s or Page’s excerpt, a category’s description when on category pages, and the blog’s tagline when on any other page or query-type.
Another one I like is the SEO Title Tag plugin.It allows you to add custom title tags to all pages on your site including blog posts. It has the ability to overide the current Wordpress default title tag, allowing you to write a custom title tag as you compose your post.
Also take a look at the Feedburner plugin.This plugin allows you to redirect all requests to any feed you have on your site to your Feedburner feed. It will forward for your main posts feed, and optionally your main comments feed as well.
Believe me,Marketing Mule has something for everybody!