My Space News Officially Launched

Oh yes!My Space News are live!The 5th most popular site in the world gets even more social with its news service, which will be a combination of and Google News.User-generated-content sites like and allow registered users to post and then vote news, videos and even podcasts, making them more or less popular. Apparently MySpace owners have had something similar in mind when they’ve unveiled the sub-domain on Thursday.However, unlike Digg or Netscape, which depend heavily on the content users post every second on the sites, MySpace will also use a software that will scan blogs and news sites for content, grouping the results in categories like sports, entertainment or politics. For the moment there are 300 sub-categories displayed on the main page and 25 main categories, which can be accessed easily at the “A-Z” section. Besides being able to browse news by their topics and their initial letter, users will also be able to find popular news included in categories like Web Humor or Nutritional News.The news feature of MySpace is built using Newroo technology, a company they acquired in early 2006 for a rumored $7 million. Newroo never had the chance of displaying the merits of its technology in public because of the acquisition.