NationVoice is bringing the world together. Through the use of the Ventrilo client, NationVoice has positioned itself as a leader in Voice Communications. Their servers are well known and synonymous to be the highest quality and reliability.Their servers can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world. Speaking with friends and family anywhere has never been so simple, and NationVoice makes it all happen. How does it work? Very simple. First you must have the Ventrilo Program Client downloaded to your PC, Handheld device, or any device with an internet connection.
Next thing you will need is a NationVoice account to connect to your own private Ventrilo server. From there you can communicate with anyone you give your Ventrilo address to. Ventrilo can support up to 400 people at once.
Depending on your needs, NationVoice will be there. Our High Quality servers will certainly surprise you. Their voice quality is nothing short of amazing. You will think your friends are right there with you.