Skype Users Targeted by Trojan Horse

If you use Skype you should read this because the Warezof trojan horse have been adapted again to target Skype users.The attack is similar to threats that target instant-messaging applications. A targeted Skype user will receive a chat message with the text "Check up this" and a link to a malicious executable called "file_01.exe" on a Web site. If the user runs the file, several other files are downloaded and run. Once infected, a computer will be at the beck and call of the attacker and the Trojan horse will start sending messages to the victim's Skype contacts to propagate. Warezov, also known as Stration, has been around since at least September. Several variants of the malicious code have appeared. Miscreants have spread it via spam e-mail, as well as Skype.So,watch out my friends and be careful what links you open!