Short Descriptions to be Required By Yahoo

Starting in May,Yahoo has announced that they will be shortening the length of search ad descriptions from a maximum of 190 characters to 75 characters.As an advertiser, you will have two options for your ad descriptions, one long (up to 190 characters) and one short (70 characters or fewer). At present, you may use either. Starting in May, however, a short description will be required , while a long description will be optional. This means for all new or modified ads you must provide a short description. And starting in June, ad descriptions longer than 70 characters may automatically be cut off in Yahoo! Sponsored Search results. We will shorten the description at the nearest complete word to 70 characters, followed by an ellipsis (”…”). Long descriptions will continue to be shown on some of our external distribution partner web sites. Web copy should only be 25 percent as long as print copy, in ads as well as other text.I think it's better this way,don't you?