First Embassy In Second Life

The Maldives has become the first country to open an embassy in Second Life!The tiny island nation with a population of 300,000 opened its virtual mission on Tuesday, just ahead of Sweden, which had hoped its embassy would be Second Life’s first when it opens on May 30.
Malta, Macedonia and the Philippines are also planning to open virtual missions in Second Life. prominence last year.

The Maldives’ embassy will be located on Second Life’s “Diplomacy Island”, where visitors will be able to talk face-to-face with a computer generated ambassador about visas, trade and other issues.
Diplomacy Island is the brainchild of the Malta-based Diplo Foundation, a nonprofit organisation that works to assist developing countries participate meaningfully in international affairs.
It will feature a virtual diplomatic academy that will host discussions relating to modern diplomacy and a virtual diplomatic museum that will high-light the relevance of diplomacy in the modern world.It will also include an internet governance village that will host conferences on privacy, security, digital identity and taxation in cyber-space, and on how to bridge the digital divide.