Human Is The Worst Animal

I am so sad.Sometimes I hate people!Why?Take a look here.Here is the story:

A wolf and a donkey have become an unlikely tourist attraction in the town of Patok, about 25 miles north of the Albanian capital, Tirana.
The donkey was originally put into the enclosure so the wolf could eat him, but the wolf would have none of the human plan and refused to kill the donkey. The two animals have been attached at the hip ever since.
The wolf had been caught by a mountaineer in the Northern Alps.
The owner says he feeds the wolf meat but was told that the wolf needed a live animal to hunt. So the man offered up the little donkey, thinking that the wolf would attack him during the night.
But the man was wrong. Instead, the two became companions!They ate their food and drank their water together, and whenever the owner took the donkey out of the enclosure, the wolf would become upset.
In the last few days, the donkey has been released into a grassy area outside.

Now the wolf sits alone, still in the far corner of the enclosure, while the donkey lives freely on the other side of the wall.
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