Ubuntu & Dell

The official Dell D2D blog has posted the guidelines for the first Ubuntu release on Dell systems. It is now confirmed that Dell will be offering Ubuntu 7.04 with select systems.
The default software from the Ubuntu media will be installed on the systems, including kernel and applications.Peripheral options offered with Ubuntu will be a subset of what is offered with other operating systems.Dell says it's offering the hardware options on each system that have the most mature and stable Linux driver support. Open source drivers are installed and configured when possible, otherwise partial open-source or closed source drivers will be used where there is no equivalent open-source driver.This includes Intel wireless cards and Conexant modems.
Users will be able to access a wiki page on linux.dell.com website, with access to technical details of the supported systems, information on the device drivers used for system peripherals, details of our Ubuntu factory-installation, and information on the problems we found during system testing, with their fixes and workarounds.