Web Form

If you have a website and you want to add a Web Form on it then www.forms4free.com is all you need.With Forms4Free, you can create a free HTML form in less than 5 minutes just by using our HTML Form Wizard to copy & paste the code, and then after you are done creating your web form, our Form Wizard will direct you to download the Formmail file from our download page for a one-time fee of only $19.95, and then the Form Wizard will tell you exactly what to do with the Formmail file so that it will work with the form you created (Formmail is the file that will email to you the answers from the HTML form and it will enable you to process the HTML form through your website.Forms4Free is perhaps the only web form service on the internet that has a free HTML Form Wizard and also provides the formmail file.
Using formmail is important, because it enables webmasters to process their form through their own website.Most HTML form services process the form remotely on their own server and then switch the user to a redirect page filled with confusing advertisements. This is what makes Forms4Free.com different.