Credit Card Calculator

If you are looking for the best credit card deal just visit the cash back credit card calculator.Based on your personal spending profile, this calculator will search all available cash back credit cards in the market and determine the best cash back credit card for you. What you do is put all of your expenses into the list on the website. You include the amount you spend each month, on your credit card on the following items : supermarket, gas, drug store, cable, utility, travel, dining and other. Then you have to decide whether you would rather have one card or split your spending between several cards. Once you have filled in this, very easy and quick form, you are presented with a summary of your data and a name of the credit card which has been chosen to you, which has a link to the website of the card provider, which appears in a pop-up window. The data summary chart actually shows how much cash back you would get in each area of your spending.You can also find out how you can maximize your rebates by splitting your expenses between multiple cards. There are more than 25 credit companies you can compare with. There are also tips available to use your credit card wisely and you can subscribe to their newsletter for latest information on credit card offers in your area. For those who are with bad credit, they have four types of credit cards available for you here. Don't forget to read all the reviews for many popular credit cards such as Discover, Chase, American Express, Citi and many more at cash back credit card calculator.

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