Designs For Protective Skins

If you are lookingfor great designs for protective skins you should visit Inc. is a leading provider of personalization solutions and removable skin products for consumer electronics devices.With more people showing off their gadgets in public, it makes sense that you would want yours to stand out in a crowd. Skinit's vinyl skins for devices like cellphones, MP3 players and laptops let you quickly customize them to match your style.

On the company's website, you can select the make and model of your device and choose a design -- everything from animal prints to professional and collegiate sports team logos to Disney and Looney Tunes cartoon characters. You can even have a photo that you've taken turned into a custom skin. The skins, which add a little extra scratch protection, are cut to fit perfectly around every curve and crevice of the device.

You don't have to worry about the skins damaging your devices, either. The adhesive that's used leaves little or no residue and is not permanent, so you can easily peel the skins off.

The skin prices depend on the design and device, but they start as low as $12.45 each.Also you can enter your artwork for a chance to win an iPod from Your art can be the featured design for iPod skins and protective skins for other devices. will feature approved artwork by those who enter this contest. If selected, will display your design on the site for one week.