Mac Poker

It's hard enough looking for a site to play online poker for Mac, yet alone trying to find one that you can trust and has a reputation. For your convenience,MacMac Pokeration.PokerStars is one of the most popular online poker rooms today.So,as an Apple user, you have two different options for running PokerStars for Mac. You reputation.PokerStarsdate and download the new Apple Boot Camp software then install windows, or you can pay a small fee for a PC emulator. Either way, you are going to have to use Windows somehow to play at PokerStars for Mac.The cheapest way to play PokerStars for Mac is to download and install a PC emulator.The most stable PC emulator for PokerStars is Virtual PC, but with a price tag of about $130 you could be better off installing Apple's Boot Camp and buy a copy of Microsoft Windows.After you have finished installing either Apple's Boot Camp and Windows or a PC emulator, you have to go to Download the PokerStars on your Mac and install it onto your hard drive.After you have installed PokerStars, you need to open it in either Microsoft Windows or in your PC emulator. A PC emulator will just be a seperate window so it's a little bit difficult to get used to at first, but works just fine. Begin the registration process and fill in the necessary information.After separate finished creating your Mac PokerStars account all you need to do is visit the cashier and make your first deposit. Once finished depositing, you are ready to play at PokerStars for Mac!