New Competitor For Craiglist

eBay has launched an online classifieds service that will compete with market pioneer, Craigslist. On Friday, eBay's online classified service, Kijiji, made its US debut.For the past two years, Kijiji has operated overseas but is now available in about 220 U.S. cities.The auctioneer is up against an Internet icon in the privately held Craigslist. The 21-employee company operates on a shoestring budget and it is well entrenched in every major U.S. city.But eBay has an advantage.For three years, executives at eBay have been allowed to peer deep into Craiglist's operations.Since 2004, the year eBay bought a 25 percent stake in the San Francisco-based Craigslist from a former employee, the auction site has held a seat on the company's board of directors. Kijiji will begin as a free service, but that will probably change.