New 10 sec ads by YouTube

YouTube will feature ads that are similar to a model used by TV broadcasters for years. TV viewers have grown accustomed to watching a show and seeing the image of David Letterman or some other star walk across the bottom of the screen as part of a promotion. YouTube's new ads are very similar.
YouTube's mini commercials, which are produced through Flash animation, appear at the bottom of a video, are mostly transparent, and disappear after 10 seconds. Once the ad appears, a user has the option of clicking on it while the video pauses. The viewer is then taken to a "player within the player" where he or she is encouraged to interact with the advertiser's content. When the person clicks out of the ad, the video resumes.
Google announced that it has begun testing the new advertising format for YouTube with a small number of advertisers. The new commercials, which will begin appearing Wednesday, are the fulfillment of a promise, analysts say. Google had long said that no ad format would be launched unless the company was sure it wouldn't spoil the viewing experience, as well as offer marketers a chance to get in front of YouTube's 130 million subscribers.

The ad appears 15 seconds into a video, but vanishes after a 10-second run.If a person tries to watch a video a second time, the ads won't reappear. The tests have so far revealed the new ads produced click-through rates 5 to 10 times higher than traditional display ads. 75 % of users who clicked on to the overlay ad came back and continued watching the video.Google said the ads will be inserted into a select inventory of video clips that have been screened for copyright and inappropriate material.