Voice Over Talent Resources

If you are looking for voice over talent information you should visit doncapone.com.Voice Over Talents are the men, women and children who perform in a voice talent studio either in there home or a state of the art recording studio. These voice over talents in their home voice studios usually take direction from a director who will call through a dedicated ISDN voice talent phone line. Most Hollywood voice over studios request an ISDN direct voice or phone patch. So if your serious about becoming a voice over talent you need to get a ISDN or phone patch line like a Telos Zephyr. Also Voiceover delivery can be formatted for .wav, .mp3 or .aiff. and sent thru FTP download, burned on a cd then sent FedX, or emailed.
Voice Overs come in many different delivers.. Like the Hard sell aggressive voice overs usually your local car commercials are hard hitting and fast paced. The Soft sell more sincere and smooth. Then we also have the Regular Guy voice over or the Guy Next Door voice, like friendly and approachable sell. Voice Overs are delivered by the voice over talent through ISDN to the voice over production studio.
Voice Narration refers to the way a story is told. First Person Voice Narration focalizes through the perspective of a single character. Third First Person Voice Narration is from the observation perspective. Documentary voice narration is not an easy task for the voice over talent. You must reflect mood and fact and your vocal delivery must set a pace and have authority. You must be believable and not sound like your reading a script.. It must flow out of you when speaking. This is one of the most difficult voiceover deliveries to achieve.
The voice over artist can now be more accessible through the ever amazing internet. Because of the internet voice over artists can get there voice talents out to the major Hollywood studios who are looking for that right voice for there movie trailer, national spots or documentary read. Today's voice over talent can also join voice talent directories or have there own websites to drive traffic and business for there next voice over jobs.
The voice over industry has changed because of the internet. Many advertising agencies and production houses directly rely on the internet to find new voice over talent. The internet has made it possible for voiceover artists to record voice narrations in their home studios either via live ISDN voice , direct email, download or FTP.
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