Colloidal Silver Effectiveness

Many products are advertised as being colloidal silver, but in fact are mostly ionic silver solutions. A true silver colloid consists mostly of silver particles Mesosilver has the highest percentage of it's silver content in the form of sub-nanometer silver particles, not silver ions. In the world of colloids, particle surface area is the property of colloidal silver that directly determines the ability of the colloid to react with its environment. Therefore the effectiveness of colloidal silver is predicated on particle surface area. The higher the particle surface area the more effective the colloidal silver.
Particle surface area is defined as the total surface area in square centimeters of all the particles in one milliliter of colloid. In the world of chemistry the ability of one substance to interact with other substances in its environment is predicated on the surface area of the substances or stated another way, reactivity increases with increasing surface area. A larger value of particle surface area increases the reactivity of the colloid.
For this reason particle surface area is the single most important property of colloidal silver. It is not uncommon for non-technical readers to mistaken believe that the concentration of silver is the most important property. Companies selling silver protein type products will advertise very high values of silver concentration with the explanation that higher ppm concentrations are more effective but that is simply not true. In fact silver protein products have very low values of particle surface area owing to the very large size particles present in those products. Colloid particle surface area increases as the concentration of metal particles increases. Colloids that have the highest percentage of their metal content in the form of nanoparticles will have the highest particle surface area. Therefore, colloids that are mostly ionic will have a low particle surface area since most of the metal content is in the form of metal ions not nanoparticles.
Ratio of surface area to mass is an expression of how efficiently a given mass of silver is able to provide particle surface area.The higher this value is the more efficiently the silver is being utilized to increase the particle surface area of the colloid.