SEO Tools

I found a site today with some great search engine marketing hints. It is a blog and it's all about search engine optimization and website promotion. It has many PPC tools and SEO tools and you will also find some nice posts that will help you to promore your website or blog. You will learn Google tips, Social Networking hints, Blog Marketing hints and many more. Every webmaster will get to the point where they will gradually realize that it takes more than one person to run an online business or website. It all starts off as a curious hobby and then questions arise. How do I get more traffic? How do I make more money? You need to get more content, you need more links etc. By this time, you need to know absolutely everything! The perfect online marketer would need to know SEO, PPC, affiliate marketing awareness, membership aspects, know how to improve conversion, also coding like HTML, CSS, AJAX and so on. You can find resources for all of these at Eric Cho's blog. Everything is simply explained and you don't have to be a marketing "guru" to understand what is he talking about. Don't forget to visit the free PPC and SEO tools.