Pocket Bikes

Pocket bikes may be something new for most people, but they have actually been around for some time. As early as the 1950's, there has been some form of miniature motorized bikes. Pocket bikes took a turn as they became extremely popular in Japan, and were quickly picked up by the European market. The Italians and the Dutch have since brought the sport of "Minimoto" racing to the forefront, increasing it's popularity, their safety and durability. This surge of interest has finally made its way into North America, and demand for these little road racers is beginning to make it's mark. Although the North American scene has not embraced the same passion for organized racing as their European counterparts, they have sparked a general interest for the weekend warriors.

These bikes come in a range of different styles, sizes and performance capabilities that cater to young and old, experienced and novice riders everywhere. The more expensive ones are highly durable, dependable, very fast and should be considered only by those with experience. With enough power and some even having the ability to be licensed for the street, these are no different that any other "street legal" motorcycle. Less costly, smaller engines and smaller frames in some models allow young riders the same thrills as the big guys and is a great way to give them that first introduction to motorcycles.

If you like bikes, or have been wondering about something you and your family can all take part in, look no further. Choose one based on the level of experience and start havin' fun. Whether you consider a gas powered or electric bike, there is no doubt that these mini sized motorcycles are going to provide you with countless hours of entertainment.
Which model you choose will depend primarily on your level of skill. They are available in everything from the smallest 48cc mini's to the much larger and more powerful 125cc-150cc Super Pocket Bikes. Also at yourpocketbikes.com you can find Mini Choppers.