Windows XP Tweaks

Here are some Windows XP tweaks to make your windows run faster.

Lets start with some registry tweaks.

Go to start->run and then type the words "regedit" without the inverted commas.
now do the following.

Hate pop ups?
Look for the "UserPreferencemask". Double click it and up comes a panel showing 8 digits. Change the first two digits to 3e and press OK.

Reduce the time taken to kill a Time Out.
Look for the "WaitToKillAppTimeout". Right click and choose modify. The default is '20000' make it 4000.

Now let us have some system tweaks...

Do you need loads of fonts you do not use. These not only take up space on your hard drive but also use Windows XP resources. Purge. Remove the ones you do not use. You can easily save a copy before you delete them so you can put them back.

If your desktop PC computer is NOT a laptop then you can stop Hibernate. Go to your Control Panel, Power Option and select Hibernate Tab. Uncheck Hibernate. That stops that Windows XP program running and wasting resources.

Virtual Memory Size.
Change the size of your page file size. So. Control Panel, System, Advanced Tab, Performance, settings button & then Advanced. At the bottom you can change the virtual memory. We use min & max set at 500MB.

While you are there. You will also have noticed on your way through that you can change the Visual Effects. You are given a choice. Why not try the performance version for increased performance.

System Restore.
This can be turned off a well by clicking this tab.

Remote assistance.
Click the Remote tab and make sure the options there are not ticked.

Speech Recognition or handwriting software.
Do you use it? No. Right. Control Panel, Regional & Language Options, Languages, Details, Advanced, System Config and "Turn off" Advanced Language Services.

Now lets tweak the Administrative tools section.

Go to: control panel->administrative tools->services.
Select the extended tab at the bottom. Here you see the services that are running or not if they have been stopped already. So, which ones do we not need to have running all the time if at all. Windows XP tweaks aplenty.

Error Reporting Service.
No we do not need that. Since when has Microsoft helped you. So high-light it and then double click it. Up come a panel with options. Half-way down is says "Start Up Type". Click the drop-down button and select Disable and OK. That told it.

Fast User Switching Compatibility.
Are you basically the only person using the computer, if not, so what. Disable that as you did above.

Indexing Service
What's the point in Windows continually indexing your hard drive or drives for searches you never do. Disable.

Network DDE & Network DDE DSDM.
If you are not connected to a network or broadband using Ethernet this too can be Disabled.

Portable Media Serial Number.
Not using an MP3 player or iPod then disable.

Stop Windows using your bandwidth. Disable will stop all that Windows traffic that you cannot believe is going on. This tweak, top can reclaim anything up to 25% of your bandwidth.

Remote Registry. Do you want remote computers to alter your registry. Disable.

Smart Card.
If you do not use a Smart Card on your computer then you can disable this too.

System Restore.
What's the point in Windows XP Pro continually every so many minutes taking a snap shot of your system. Disable.

Since we have adjusted for performance lets disable this as well.

Uninteruptible Power Supply.
If you do not have one fitted to your PC computer then this can be disabled too. Who has.

Wireless Zero Configuration.
Do you use WiFi. No. Disable.

You can also see others there that you do not want running. And of course, you can always turn them back on if you want to at a later date.