How to get indexed fast

It's weird how many people have trouble getting there websites indexed. I'm always seeing people on the popular marketing forums asking how to get there sites indexed and wondering just why there site hasn't yet been indexed by the search engines – particularly
Now, getting indexed isn't going to make your site successful and more importantly profitable. There is much more to it than that. Getting indexed is only the first part of an on-going process.

Step 1 – Sign Up To Digg

This is a pretty important part of the process, the search engines LOVE Digg and are crawling it's pages constantly. This alone is one of the quickest ways to get your website ranked.
You can sign up to Digg here:

Step 2 -OnlyWire

This step is going to take a while the first time you do this, but you only have to do this step once. You need to sign up to OnlyWire and install the OnlyWire plugin on your web browser,
instructions how to do this are of course on the OnlyWire website. The next step is signing up to all of the social networks that OnlyWire will bookmark for you.

List Of Social Networks On OnlyWire:

Step 3 - Content

You need to make sure that you have some high quality content ready to bookmark. This can be anything online including articles, blog posts, videos, audios, images and even eBooks. But the big part if that the content is of a reasonable quality. The sites that you have signed
up to through OnlyWire as well as Digg will ban you for submitting crap content.
Once you have some awesome content to bookmark just move on to the next step which is the final step.

Step 4 – Bookmarking

Log back into your Digg account and submit two of your best content pages as news stories, ideally you shouldn't bookmark your homepage. Don't submit more than two pages initially as Digg will think your spamming them and ban your account.
Next you need to go to your OnlyWire account and bookmark 3-4 websites from your niche. Submit 2 inner pages of your site as well as your homepage with descriptive tags and titles. Find another few pages in your niche and bookmark them as well. This will make sure
the guys at OnlyWire don't think your spamming

And that's everything. Sit back and relax because Google and the other search engine bots are going to be visiting your website very soon!