Building Yourself as a Niche Expert

Be professional
Always conduct yourself with professionalism. Avoid anything that may tarnish your image and give off a sense you are anything other than a professional.

Know the latest news
When everyone is talking about something that is happening you need to be on top of it. Any expert knows what is happening in their area of expertise all the time.

Stay up-to-date on changes
When something changes you need to know about it or else you could go around spreading information that is outdated and just not correct. That would be quite damaging to your reputation.

Don’t publish junk information
Make sure everything that you put your name on or otherwise associate with is high quality. Avoid junk and hype at all costs.

Know how to present information
You need to present information in a way that looks professional and conveys that you know what you are talking about.

Do research on important topics
You should do research on important topics in your niche. If you need to know more in order to talk about something then do not be afraid to look it up.

Provide your readers with information
Let people know what you know. Give your readers an idea of what makes you an expert by telling them what you know.

Teach others what you know. You can give structured classes or simply just share your knowledge through lessons on your website that is available to visitors.

Talk at your reader’s level
You want to avoid using too many complex words and talking above your readers head. You should also avoid talking down to your reader. Just talk with simple, everyday language and you should be fine.

Be open to new ideas
Be ready to accept changes and learn about new ideas. You will need to make sure that you are willing to accept new things and start incorporating them into expert knowledge.

Expose misconceptions and myths
Let people know about things that are wrong. Expose wrong information, but make sure you back it up with proof. You want to make sure that people see the wrong beliefs and that they know you know the difference between the truth and a myth.

Let others talk about you
Get other people to talk about you and refer to you as an expert. Make sure the people you let back you are professional and well respected themselves.

Showcase your credentials
Give people a reason to believe in you. Let them you why you are an expert. Tell them about your education and experience and showcase any awards or recognitions you have received.

Talk with readers
Interact with people. Answer questions and share your knowledge. Do not alienate yourself by being unapproachable.

Get yourself published online and in print
Being published online is a good start, but you will also want to get published in print. People tend to take printed materials more seriously than online. Try to get published in a well respected publication.

Establish good relationships with other experts
Surround yourself with other experts. You want to be known as a professional so you need to be associated with other professionals. People will see you with other trusted experts and start to associate you with the title expert.

Associate yourself with your topic
Make sure that when people see you that they immediately think of your expert topic. You will want to do everything you can to get your name associated with your topic.

Write articles
Writing about what you know lets people know that you really do know what you are saying. It shows you are knowledgeable and it is a great way to establish your expertise on a topic.

Write for others
Write articles as a guest expert for other websites and publications. Be a guest writer or even an editorial contributor. When people see that someone asked for your opinion and input they will be more likely to assume you are an expert.

Always keep learning
Always strive to keep learning more. You can never know everything so there is always something to learn. Seek out new ideas and new information that you may not already know about.

Change what others think
Debate is always a good way to show you know what you are talking about. Changing someone else’s opinion is a great way to establish yourself. Even if you do not change their mind your attempt will expose you as someone who is very much in the know.

Think quality over quantity
You want everything you put out there and everything associated with you to be the highest quality. It doesn’t matter if you have ten articles published if five of them are misleading or just wrong.

If you do not know then find out
If you are stumped by a question or approached about something you do not know then find it out. Do not be afraid to admit you need to learn more before giving an answer. Even experts do not know everything. The thing that sets an expert apart, though, is that they are wiling to find out.

Socialize with a wide range of people
The more variety you have in the people you socialize with the better. You need to be exposed to different views and cultures. This will help you to be more rounded and being well rounded is a key aspect of being an expert.

Join clubs and groups
Become a part of groups, clubs and organizations associated with your topic of interest. Not only will you learn, but this will help you with associated yourself with the topic and gaining creditability.

If you are wrong then admit it
When you make a mistake you better admit it. The worst thing you can do is cover it up. You need to just say you messed up and accept it with grace. Then you need to fix it.

Help others
Be gracious and help those who need it. If someone approaches you with a problem then help them figure it out. Experts are givers.

Don’t flaunt your knowledge
The worst thing you can do is be a know it all. Avoid this problem by not offering your point of view unless you are asked or encouraged to do so. Do not flaunt yourself. Be graceful.

Back up what you say with facts
Always use facts to back up what you say. This will help avoid mistakes and will show people that you really are serious about what you say.

Develop your image
Take time to develop a good image. You need to strive to be respected and taken seriously.