Psychology Degree

In a business climate that's growing increasingly more competitive, complex and unpredictable, the only constant is change. Organizations are looking for people who know how to take action, solve problems, and provide leadership. Business degree programs in Argosy University provide students with the skills to answer those needs, and to build careers with potential. To succeed in today's competitive workforce, you need a solid foundation of knowledge and the power to put it to work. And that's exactly what an Argosy University education offers. Argosy University has a 30-year history in professional psychology degree and has developed a curriculum that focuses on interpersonal skills and practical experience alongside academic learning. Because getting a degree is one thing. Succeeding, quite another.

Their education degree programs provide educators with the knowledge and range of skills necessary to function effectively in their profession. Adequate preparation for that role is essential - and it's one that we take very seriously at Argosy University.
The American School of Professional Psychology can be found at our 19 campus locations. Their curriculum provides students with current and relevant skills needed to become successful practitioners within the psychology and human service fields. It also focuses on the development of interpersonal effectiveness—students develop and improve positive relationship-building skills through effective communication, respect for others, cultural sensitivity, and awareness of their impact on others.
Argosy University offers flexible online programs in business, education and psychology. It has established campuses around the country and supports one of the largest graduate student communities in the nation. As a student in one of their online programs, you will enjoy a collegial, supportive academic environment.
A college education can be one of the biggest investments you can make in your life. However, the benefits derived from an education far outweigh the costs. Because of this, Argosy University is dedicated to providing its students with an affordable education. Their student finance representatives will walk you through the process of finding financial aid and applying for it. A variety of financial aid options are available, including scholarships, grants, loans, and employment opportunities.