How to Post If Your Blog Is Blocked As Spam

Sometimes Blogger will block access to a blog because it thinks it's a spam blog. But most of the time it is wrong! The same happened to me and I had to contact them in order to unlock my blog.

The problem is that until the Blogger staff review your blog, you can't post anything. And sometimes it takes them a few weeks to review a blog. In that case you will lose a lot of your readers because they will visit your blog and see that there is no new content.

So, what do you do? The solution I found is called It's a free online service that allows you to write an article and then post it on your blog. It works because the post comes from a different IP and for some reason it can bypass the Blogger block.

They offer a nice WYSIWYG HTML editor and you can post your article not only at Blogger but also to Wordpress, Typead, Movable Type and Dotclear.