Blogging with Blogger

Blogger has been around for a long time — longer than most other blogging software programs. That means people are familiar with it and comfortable with it. Because Blogger works with just about any Web browser, is available in many languages, and is free to use, the barriers to entry are practically nonexistent.

The first steps
Anyone can start a blog with Blogger right now and be a part of the blogosphere in less than five minutes. It’s true. To start a blog using Blogger, you only need to visit the Blogger home page and follow these three simple steps:

  1. Create an account
  2. Name your blog
  3. Choose a template
Naturally, navigating through the above steps and the steps that come after you launch your blog (when you customize it and make it look and act the way you want it to) require a bit more work.

The right tools
To start a blog with Blogger, you only need a computer and an Internet connection. However, the more you blog, you might find that you want to experiment with different blogging methods and capabilities. For example, you might want to invest in a digital camera so you can take your own pictures to upload in your blog posts. Alternatively, you might want to buy a digital video camera and try your hand at video blogging.

The important thing to remember is that your blog will grow with you. Start with the basics. As you become more comfortable with Blogger and with blogging in general, don’t be afraid to test the waters and try new things.

Creating a podcast might sound impossible to you now, but the more you blog, the more apt you are to jump in and learn something new to take your blogging experience to the next level.

Don’t rush in and buy all the cool gadgets on Day One. Take your time to learn and then decide which tools will help you meet your blogging goals. Blogging success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and patience. None of those tools is going anywhere.