Bank on Yourself

What if you could simply, safely and profitably grow your money even when you take out a loan to purchase something or make an investment? What if you could have your cake and eat it too? You can. You can Be the Bank. More and more people today are hearing about a banking concept that some call bank on yourself (or bankonyourself) and infinite banking. While major corporations, financial institutions and wealthy individuals have used this simple and safe process for decades, you probably have never been told that you can earn guaranteed interest, plus potential dividends, and more, all risk free! But where can you go to learn about how this can work for you? The team of the Personal Equity Institute (PEI) has the answers to your questions. They are ready now to help you get started learning about how this simple, safe and profitable banking concept can work for you. Personal Equity Institute is a company committed to teaching and implementing new and effective processes for acquiring wealth.

Through their online resources, which include classrooms, training seminars, books, articles and informational videos, we help our clients understand the dynamics of accelerated wealth building and the pitfalls of traditional financial planning. Personal Equity Institute constantly explores new and changing principals of finance. They examine historical data, apply common sense, and structure powerful prosperity systems, featuring our Be the Bank process. They also believe that anyone willing to remove the blinders of traditional financial planning and to invest meaningful time in learning about our Be the Bank™, will be able to change their financial future Why are they in business?

Personal Equity Institute is in business because there is an appalling lack of honest information about financial issues that is being made available to the public. This shortcoming has opened the door for PEI to show our safe, secure and time-tested Be the Bank process to people interested in their financial future. Who are our target clients? Target clients are small business owners, professionals; including doctors, attorneys, athletes and others, who have discretionary funds available to invest. They also align with certain financial advisors, as well as partnering with infinity groups, organizations, churches, and other entities.