Move to the new house

There aren’t a ton of Satellite TV providers in my area but when we moved into this place you better believe that was my husband’s first priority. He was all about making sure he had the game on and that he wasn’t going to miss out on any of his college teams – it was football season, afterall. Now it’s been a year and he’s still all hooked up although we’ve made a bunch of improvements that help him enjoy football even more. We got a big outdoor patio set up with a TV and a big grill and he even got the “man cave” he’s been asking for years about upstairs with a pool table and a wet bar. I love making my husband happy and if this is what it takes then I’m glad to give him one or two rooms in the house. He does so much for this family I think he deserves that much from me and the kids, don’t you? I say it’s all about the happy husband!