Beyond Link Building

Everyday you see a new link building system come out or someone talking about new ways to build links, but you never seem to hear about on page SEO. It's just not as exciting, most people (even pros) brush it off as a given. Obviously, off page SEO and link building are critical to getting high search engine rankings and traffic but there are also a huge number of on page SEO strategies and tactics that can be implemented and fully controlled... by YOU. 
 Back when I use to take clients for SEO and site building, I was almost always shocked at how horrible the on-page SEO was on their existing websites... espeically the sites created by "web designers". In my experience less then 1/4th of web designers have a decent understanding (or at least do a decent job) of even the most basic on-page SEO. But you can't really blame them, they're simply not taught quality SEO in school, they're taught how to make something pretty looking... but that's worthless without traffic! 

On page SEO is powerful, I'm frequently able to point a few links (literally 30-60) from a blog network (also extremely powerful), do some killer on page SEO, wait a couple weeks, and rank top 5 for my keyword(s). 

But this post isn't about traditional, old school, on-page SEO. That's just the basics and you can find good tutorials all over the Internet for those basics. This is about one of many more advanced white-hat on page SEO strategies that can be automated andimplemented on your site (for free)... today. 
Link Juice Pumping (Pagerank Flow) 
A common, yet advanced on-page white-hat SEO strategy is known as PageRank flow or link structuring. (If you're not familiar with pagerank it's basically Google's original way of determining the value of a site and it's content. While there's some debate about how accurate current pagerank #'s are, higher pagerank on a page generally means higher rankings.) Internal Pagerank flow revolves around pointing links to pages on your site that you're aiming to increase search engine rankings for. For example, if you have a product on your site that you know is searched for in Google more then other products you may want to add more links across your site to that product using the product's keyword search phrase as anchor text. (Ex: Product Name) You'll see this frequenty sitewide in the footer of SEO'd sites. (You should also be building internal keyword targeted links like this to your "money" pages on your sites.) Just changing internal pagerank flow is often enough to jump your search engine ranking for a term 1-3 places extremely quickly. The more pages you have on your site, the more boosting power you'll have. 
2nd Page Sniping

A 1-3 position jump is good and all but where it gets exciting is looking at search data for
page 1 results vs page 2 results.
According to AOL search data, a change in search rankings from #11/#12 to #10 (1st page bottom) increases clickthroughs to your website by 4.5x! We can also look into the data and see that an increase from any ranking below #20 will be at LEAST a 10x increase (often from no traffic to tons) by getting to page #1.

So our goal now becomes to identify search phrases that we currently rank for on page 2 of Google (with the highest priority on #11-13, the easy jump spots). By finding these keywords we can place keyword anchored site-wide links for the keywords that will provide us the largest 1-3 spot traffic boost.
We then need to constantly monitor the site, pick up changes in rankings, pick up new keyword phrases, prioritize based on position and traffic and update the sitewide links.
A self optimizing system that continually fights and picks up new front page rankings from the low hanging fruit keywords that you may never had even thought about.

Meet the 2nd Page Sniper WP Plugin

I took these basic concepts and created a simple, powerful Wordpress Plugin that will handle all of this keyword logging, analysis and link posting automatically.
2nd Page Sniper will log all incoming search queries to your site (the keywords that people have already used when finding your site) including the page that you are
currently ranked on.
It will then display links in the sidebar of your blog that it determines to be most likely to create significant ranking increases for with the greatest traffic potential. The displayed links will link to pages of your site using the anchor text of the keywords 2nd Page Sniper has determined will be the best to boost.

First, download the plugin here.
Then, simply log into Wordpress, upload and install the 2nd Page Sniper Plugin, and add
the Widget to your site... and done. Your site will automatically start working on collecting traffic data and increasing your rankings for you.