Google and Amazon

Love affairs... killer penguins? This is starting to sound like a cover story from The National Enquirer! The difference being, this stuff you are about to read is all true and based on facts.
Over the past few days, I put on my detective cap and did a little digging around online for you.
It’s about time for YOU to know what’s going on here.You see, for the past 24 months I knew this was quietly happening in the background... with few people actually commenting about it or making any fuss.

Lately, I’ve been speaking a lot about and why there is a major shift in power taking place right now in the search engines - especially with Google.

Amazon is taking over Google. Affiliates, Search Engine Marketers and ecommerce sites are all watching their rankings (and traffic) plummet, while Amazon gets a front of the line pass straight to the top of Google!
Why is this happening? For a few reasons... Everyone knows that when Google ranks a website, it looks at the volume of backlinks. This is an important ranking factor. Affiliate Marketers we’ve
been building affiliate sites, review sites and blogs with Affiliate links all pointing back to
Now before you jump up and say, "But wait... I only use no follow links and
other tactics to hide links"… it does NOT matter.Google admitted (well Matt Cutt's admitted) that Google does give some link value to no follow links, and the point is that thousands upon thousands of webmasters have been sending links and traffic to Amazon - this includes social activities such as Tweets and Facebook Likes that are also very powerful links.

So, we’ve been doing all the dirty work to generate HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of backlinks to and make Amazon into a monstrousauthority site. And now.... Amazon is dominating Google competing against the very Affiliates (like you) who helped Amazon rise to the top.This is evident now more than ever since the latest Google Panda update.

And recently, after a series of Google Panda updates, now Google’s love affair with Amazon is even MORE apparent. I’ve known about this for that past 24 months and since I’ve been speaking about it a lot lately, many people are finally starting
to take notice.
The first time I publicly discussed this was a few months ago. I was invited to speak at Yanik Silver’s
Underground Seminar and really didn’t know what to expect.
It was my first time ever speaking in front of a large group of people. The minute I stepped offstage, there was a crowd of people following me towards the back of the room. Their questions, comments and feedback only reconfirmed in my mind about what was really going on.

People are frustrated trying to playthe “free traffic” Google game.Let’s face it, Google is still the “king” of search. And now that Google is giving mega sites like preferred treatment... it’s getting even
more difficult to complete.