Build Your Own Videos

1. How-To

Is there something you know how to do? I sure hope so! Well, the most common type of niche video is simply a video that shows how to do something. You may show how to create a web site or how to fix an engine. It can be on how to sew or how to play paintball. It can be How To Do Anything you know how to do (or that you can find someone else who can do). Just be sure it isn't something that is readily available on TV somewhere. It needs to be Unique.

2. Events

The quickest video would be to go to an event such as a trade show or a product expo. If you received permission beforehand to tape the event (this is as simple as sending a letter and calling the event promoters), then you can go through taping and interviewing the people at the different booths. There are thousands of these events held every year across the country, so you will be able to find something near you which would make for an interesting and exciting video.

3. Software

Remember the frustration of trying to learn how to use a new program. It is such a pain in many cases. This means one thing for entrepreneurs: opportunity. Videos could be done on a number of different software programs, especially Internet related programs (programs which can help to increase someone's business income or drop their work time).

4. Technology

New technology always comes with new problems, mostly in the frustration factor. Any type of new technology can come with videos. You can show how to use the technology with the most leverage and how to avoid problems with it. Think about new tools that this can be done with and keep your eyes open. There are new opportunities showing up every day.

5. Demos

Many companies are now turning to video catalogues or video demos of their products. This especially works well with high ticket items. It is difficult to sell above a certain price level online, but that can be overcome by producing a video on the product and subject. You price the video at a low level: Free, $5, $10, or $20. Then, let it do the presentation for you.

6. Seminars

There are hundreds of seminars being done every week. You can present to the even promoter that you will video tape the event for free and give them the full reprint rights to all of the videos as long as you own the rights as well. This can be an easy way to get your own video set done on a popular subject (it was popular enough to do a seminar on).

7. Hobbies

I tell this to people all the time when they ask me what they should do for their own home business, "Do something that you enjoy!" What hobbies do you have? Any of your hobbies could easily present a video opportunity. Whether you train dogs, paint pictures, or design cartoons, you will be able to find a market for a video. Look through magazines that apply to your subject and think up ideas by reading both the articles and the ads.

8. Pains

People buy for two reasons: to gain pleasure or to relieve pain. Find a problem that people are having and create a video information product that is the solution to it. To the budding entrepreneur, problems are not problems. They are opportunities for new products. Start looking for problems. Once you find some (that should take about 5 seconds), start searching for solutions.

9. Dreams

Do a video on people's dreams...How to travel the world, the best Bed and Breakfasts, How to take a Cruise, Local Romantic Restaurants or Hotels, etc. Fulfill people's dreams for pleasure. Give them that "Dream" they are constantly thinking about and have fun doing it.

10. For Hire

Do videos for other companies. This one requires you to learn how to do camera work or editing, but it can provide a good source of extra income for any video business. There are many businesses out there that would love for an outside company to do the entire job for them and take a portion of the profits in a Joint Venture arrangement.