Victor Lysakov

Victor Lysakov,an established artist in the international art world and his Lysakov Art Company, Inc. celebrated their grand opening in Pacific Grove, California February 2, 2007.The artist arrived directly from Moscow to partake in the festivities.Lysakov Art Company, Inc. is located in charming Pacific Grove, CA, which is in the heart of one of the nation's art capitals – the Monterey Peninsula. On-site, the 4,000 square foot facility houses the corporate offices, publishing headquarters and the first ever exclusive Victor Lysakov Gallery.The artist himself, Victor Lysakov, is naturally the creative force behind the company.Victor Lysakov's artwork has been published and sold for over twenty years in the European marketplace. After establishing a remarkable presence and solid reputation overseas, Lysakov is pleased to establish his own publishing company in the United States.

At first glance, the modern expressionistic work of Russian Artist Victor Lysakov (Lee-sa-kov) might invoke an unexpected reaction - curiosity, mystery and even fear. But after closer inspection, the eccentric becomes extraordinary and the weird, wonderful.
Lysakov is celebrated for his vibrant, unmistakable colors and his distinct color palette. His contemporary motifs include creatures, figures, animals and nature. Each painting is its own unique creation and exudes a certain depth. New or seasoned, trusting or suspicious, frightened or fearless – one can never grow bored with Lysakov’s paintings.
He began experimenting first with watercolor, but now paints almost exclusively with oil or acrylic on canvas. Though never classically trained, Lysakov studied Rembrandt’s and Bryullov’s techniques. A self-taught artist, he read books incessantly, and spent hours upon hours in museums.
In 1987, he became a founding partner of the first truly independent artists’ union, “Arbatr.” He created history again in 2001 when, for the first time, a graduate student dedicated her entire master’s thesis to a living artist.
Lysakov has enjoyed a quick rise in the international art world, and is particularly renowned in Russia and Europe. He has participated in several prestigious exhibitions and auctions in Russia, Germany, France and Italy and was named one of “The Best European Artists” in 1991.
Now, Lysakov is pleased to formally introduce his work to the American public. He has a vast personal collection, but only a select 40 paintings will be immediately available for sale. They range in image size from a humble 14x14 to a majestic 58x50. All are offered at an extremely low edition size of 395 Giclée Canvas Prints and 30 Artist Proofs. Each image is personally hand-signed by the artist himself.

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