2007 Downtimtime For Top 20 Websites

These are the 20 most popular websites in the United States, according to Alexa. In other words, they have tons of visitor traffic. How are they holding up under that pressure? Here you can see the downtime so far in 2007 for each of these 20 websites, as measured by GIGRIB.Each site below links to its GIGRIB report page where you can examine their uptime and downtime more closely.

    Site  Downtime
1 yahoo.com 0m
2 google.com 7m
3 myspace.com 1h 0m
4 msn.com 2h 45m
5 ebay.com 6m
6 youtube.com 4h 44m
7 facebook.com 25m
8 wikipedia.org 2h 23m
9 craigslist.org 1h 9m
10 live.com 1h 48m
11 amazon.com 21m
12 blogger.com 4h 47m
13 go.com 8m
14 aol.com 3m
15 microsoft.com 13m
16 cnn.com 22m
17 comcast.net 3m
18 imdb.com 29m
19 flickr.com 30m
20 photobucket.com 1h 23m