Orlando Vacation

Orlando Vacation Home Planning Center is the best place to look if you are looking for a nice place to spend your vacations.The company has been helping clients plan their vacations for over thirty (30) years. In fact, they have specialized in Orlando and Walt Disney World vacation packages since 1991. They pride ourselves in having the best trained sales staff in the industry, and they are eager to help you plan your next Orlando vacation.They are a member of the Better Business Bureau in Orlando, and they have an outstanding relationship with all the major theme parks in Orlando.They have almost as many vacation homes in Orlando than we have hotel rooms.All vacation homes are within 8.5 miles to Disney World, and they are located on state route 27. This is a great area to stay in because the vacation homes in this area are all brand new. To get to the vacation homes from Disney all you have to do is take a left onto Highway 192 and go 6.5 miles. State Route192 dead ends into State Route 27 and our housing communities are all within a 2 mile radius of this intersection. The total traveling time from any of our homes to Disney World’s Main Entrance is less than 15 minutes.
All their vacation homes are less than 4 years old! This is very important to know, because while there are some very nice vacation homes in Orlando that are 7 or 8 years old the other homes in their community might not be so nice. What happens in these communities is that not all the owners take great care of their properties, so while you might find a very nice house which is 7 years old the house next to it might be a dump.Visit them and you will find the best vacation home in Orlando.