Adsense Vs Bidvertiser

Until now I was using only Adsense on my websites but I thought to try with Bidvertiser because they say the pay you through Paypal once you have 10$ in your account.So I did.But I saw why Google Adsense is the best advertising program.In 10 days I made only .20$!With Adsense I would have made about 2.00$.It's ten times more!Also if you choose the wide skyscraper most of times it will show the same ad!And I can say it's not pretty to have the same ad over and over.Not only it's not pretty but you will have no people clicking the ads.As I said I made only 0.20 $ in 10 days.People had nothing to click!So I think I will go back at Google Adsense and wait to make 100$.