Live Suicide On Chatroom

Is this crazy or what? Kevin Whitrick,42 years old,took his life in front of other Paltalk users!First they thought he was joking but as they watched in horror, Mr Whitrick climbed on to a chair and hanged himself with a piece of rope!Dear God!Mr Whitrick was found dead by police in Wellington, Shropshire, after they were alerted by a web user.Officers rushed to the man's home within minutes, smashing down the door to try to save him, but he was pronounced dead at the scene.It emerged that this guy had been suffering from depression after being badly injured in a car crash last year.Mr Whitrick told users of PalTalk what he was going to do two hours before he killed himself on Wednesday night.He was logged on with about 50 other users to an "insult" chatroom where people have a go at each other. Distraught users of the site said they had felt sick and had assumed the web broadcast was a hoax. Onlookers thought Mr Whitrick was joking so they encouraged him and told him to make sure his webcam was turned on. Mr Whitrick switched on his webcam and went ahead with his grisly plan.Shortly after, moderators on the site closed the feed from Mr Whitrick's webcam. He had been living in his flat after separating from his wife two years ago. The couple, who married in 1988, had 12-year-old twins who live with their mother close by.What can I say,it's very sad!