Skin Care Treatment

If you live near Salt Lake city and you are looking for skin care treatment,you should visit the Salt Lake clinic,the Gateway Laser Center.The clinic is conveniently located in Salt Lake City and typically draws clients from Utah, Nevada, and California which are climates known for their harsh effects on skin.The Salt Lake city clinic offers skin care treatments including botox treatments, laser hair removal, spider vein treatment, mole removal, laser resurfacing, non-surgical facelifts, lip injections, facial peels, and skin cancer treatments. Other treatments involve micodermabrasion and chemical peels. Salt Lake City laser skin care clinic is headed by Dr Mark Taylor, a world-renowned skin doctor.Mark B. Taylor, M.D. is a world-renowned dermatologist and cosmetic laser surgeon who has been in practice for over twenty years. Since the birth of laser treatments for skin, Dr. Taylor has been a leader in the field of cosmetic laser surgery, pioneering and teaching many new laser techniques to over 3,600 doctors world-wide. Dr. Taylor and his well-trained staff use leading-edge products and twenty-five different lasers to provide a range of high-quality services including removal of birthmarks, hair, scars, spider veins, and tattoos; skin rejuvenation and resurfacing; eyelid restoration and lip enhancement; acne, cellulite, and stretch mark treatments.For those with skin problems or with more serious skin diseases, disfigurement, and afflictions, the Gateway Skin Care center is an oasis of hope for a better life, self-esteem and perhaps the alleviation of pain.