Killing Internet TV

If you don't already know ,Viacom is asking YouTube (owned by Google) to pay $1 billion for copyright issues.Thay say that More than 160,000 clips posted on YouTube from The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, South Park, The Colbert Report and other Viacom-owned programs violate Viacom's copyrights, and Google has not done enough to prevent such infringement.Well,I know that a lot of videos o YouTube are from these shows but that's the beauty of YouTube!I think even if they wanted to Google could not have so many employees to search for the videos and see if they are copyright-protected because that would take years since there are millions on videos on the YouTube website.At this point, Google intends to continue business as usual -- and the company has the deep pockets to protect its business model. After acquiring YouTube last fall for $1.76 billion, Google announced that it was setting aside $220 million in an escrow account to deal with just such litigation. The company also has beefed up its legal team with about 100 in-house lawyers and a raft of outside consultants.I'm not a fan of YouTube or go and visit it everyday but I think it has become a symbol of Internet and should remain as it is.