Yahoo Alpha

Today I found this new search engine by Yahoo.It's called Yahoo Alpha.This is a testing search engine which users can customize by adding, removing and rearranging components, suggesting that the company may plan to make it easier for users to tailor search sites to reflect their interests.It is hosted on an Australian domain, offers a default results page with a list of Web sites on the left hand column and six specialty search result boxes on the right hand column.The specialty boxes display results from three Yahoo search engines: the Flickr photo service, the Answers question-and-answer service and Yahoo News. It also returns non-Yahoo results from Google Inc.'s YouTube video site and from the encyclopedia Wikipedia. Finally, it has a box for displaying search ads from Yahoo's online ad network.It gives users the option to customize the default layout of the results page by repositioning the different elements and by adding or removing the specialty search boxes. What I like most is that there are no ads!