New Search Engine Better Than Google?

A new search engine is going live on June and the creator claims that is better than Google.MyLiveSearch is the brainchild of self-taught software developer Rob Gabriel.He says that My Live Search is the only engine that searches the www live to the second.Results are not retrieved from an indexed database as is with all other search engines, which are days, weeks or months old.MyLiveSearch is fundamentally different. It works through a small browser plug-in. The search terms are put through Google, or other indexed search databases, but those results are treated as "starting points" alongside the user's bookmarks and other popular web hubs.From there, the live search takes over, crawling through hundreds of web pages connected to those starting points in search of more information relevant to the search.The results come back in seconds, and are almost always richer, more detailed and more useful than a standard, index-based search.His product can also search the so-called "invisible web" of dynamically-generated web pages that search engines have trouble indexing.
This technology has been in development for the past 8 years with the team currently based in Melbourne, Australia.