Be Your Own Boss

Would you like to start your own business and obtain the American dream of financial freedom?You can do it by owning your own vending business through Multivend, the world’s largest bulk vending machine company, you can join in this rich tradition that Americans have enjoyed for over 100 years!The most advanced moneymaking toy machines in the world can offer you monthly takings range £100 to £1000.Since the beginning of 2003, multivend has established a worldwide presence and welcomed almost 9,000 members to the Multivend Family. This number continues to grow, with customers finding plenty of room and demand to expand their vending routes and territories. Bulk vending machines are a 100% cash business and can provide up to an 80% profit margin. They also offer the opportunity to work from home and set your own hours.Recently, Multivend has added new product offerings to enhance the Vendstar 3000 machine. The Vendstar EZ-Count Meter allows the vendor to derive exact collection amounts from each machine by digitally updating the total quarters accepted. Multivend has also released a 1” wheel that will allow the Vendstar 3000 machine to dispense one inch gumballs and toy capsules. This new development lets vendors expand their product offerings and benefit from a larger, more diverse market.