Google Looking for Mobile Ad Agencies

Google is building a global roster of mobile agencies as it seeks to kick-start the mobile ad market. The search giant is determined to create a market for its mobile ad services by encouraging advertisers and media owners to build sites. It has held talks with up to half a dozen digital agencies with a view to drawing together an approved roster. These companies will be recommended to potential clients around the world.

In September Google announced it would make AdWords and
AdSense available to advertisers on mobile.It wants advertisers and brands to develop mobile sites because many potentially high-bidding clients still lack any mobile presence. It believes the roster will simplify the process for these clients. "If you look at Google's advertising on mobile, it makes a lot of sense for this to be the next step," said a source at an agency that had been approached. "You can't just do AdSense without offering a destination to take advertisers.

Those agencies approached to be on the roster have been tasked with drawing up a document outlining their core skills, which Google's ad sales team will distribute to advertisers. Those companies considered for the roster have had to demonstrate their skills.
Google will want to be in a position to offer advertisers a mobile site build option shortly after 18 November, when it starts charging clients for their ads to appear on mobile unless they opt out.
News of the roster comes in the same week that Google announced the Open Handset Alliance. The body, comprising some of the world's largest operators and handset manufacturers, will develop an open mobile platform.