Google Android Demo

Google today released the SDK for Android, the open source mobile platform they developed with the Open Handset Alliance.

The SDK supports all three major operating systems: Windows (XP or later), Mac (10.4.8 or later), and Linux. In addition to the SDK package, you will also download an addition IDE program. The applications for Android are written Java programming language and the user interface information are stored in a XML file.

The API allows you to store and retrieve information from (SQLite) databases, and files locally and from the Internet, as well as requesting permissions to make phone calls, read/write contacts, receive SMS, capture images from the phone camera, and so on.

Creating applications take time, that’s why Google is having a contest - Android Developer Challenge - to award programmers with the “most promising entries” of up to $10,000.000 awards.
You can submit your applications between January 2 and March 3, 2008, but you sure can start developing your applications now. (Also check out the developers blog if you are interested)