Travel Guide

Christmas is close and and we all are waiting for those vacations. If some of you are planing a trip I would suggest to visit a travel guide. RealTravel gives you the best information for popular destinations worldwide. At this website you will find map and travel guide information, which includes Frommers travel guides, for thousands of destinations. It is the best place for real people to find and share travel advice and experiences.
At RealTravel, they believe that travel information is about more than price and star ratings - it is about the whole experience. You want to know what it is really like there. You want information on the people, the culture, how to get around, how to avoid problems, as well as suggestions for itineraries, accommodations, dining and things to do. The best way to find out about a place is from someone with similar tastes who has already been there.
So they've created an exciting new online community that lets people like you find and share detailed advice and experiences on places around the world. And they make it easy for you to connect to other travelers who are just as passionate about travel as you.
RealTravel lets travelers create personal travel blogs, or travel journals, with detailed route maps, embedded photos and recommendations, and allows them to easily share these blogs with friends, family and others. Travel shoppers can then easily find this travel information, including advice on hotels and restaurants, from like-minded travelers.

You can find more information about what who they are up to through their blog, the "Editor's Picks", where they bring you some of the best travel stories, recommendations and photos from the RealTravel community, and also provide related travel news and links for anyone who is passionate about travel.