Free Gifts

Would you like to play games online and earn free gifts? Bid4Prizes is the best place for games, prizes & rewards - good fun that keeps hundreds of thousands of members coming back for more! Users can play for free or sign up for Premium membership, which includes access to exclusive deals on their entire line of Sharper Image products. They've made it easier to play, and put more information in your hands to become a better player. Also they've teamed up with The Sharper Image to offer Premium members a wide range of innovative products at below-retail prices. All you have to do is guess the lowest unique number. When the game ends if you have the lowest unique bid you win a cash prize or sweepstake! You may place guesses on as many prizes as you like, up to a daily maximum of 30 guesses total. If you place your guess online, you'll immediately receive a response on the page, telling you whether or not you've got the lowest unique. You will also receive emails (Free members) or text messages (Premium members) letting you know if you've got the lowest unique number or if you've just been bumped by another user. Premium members get to skip the ads when they play online, they can play from their mobile phone, they can access our Sharper Image store with exclusive members-only pricing, and much more. Every time you place a guess on a prize game, you earn one token – up to a maximum of 21 per day. Each token allows you to play one game in the b4p Arcade.
Every time you play an Arcade game, you are eligible to win a cash prize. If you don't win a cash prize, you are awarded points. Your game score or result has no bearing on the number of points issued. Your points can be redeemed for cool gear in the b4p Rewards store.