New Music Stations on HD Radio

Radio hasn't really changed much in the past 80 years or so. But now a new radio format is set to add features to your radio listening experience: HD Radio. This new technology promises higher quality sound, more stations with the same amount of bandwidth and extra information beamed straight to your radio as a digital signal.

HD digital radio has arrived, with revolutionary clarity of sound and unprecedented freedom of program choice. HD Radio has a number of advantages including improved sound quality, clear reception and access to new channels. It also has the ability to show artist and song ID’s in addition to providing even more information like traffic data and stock info. Just take a look what Polk Audio I-sonic ES2 can do. It is the first product to include iTunes Tagging. The short description of iTunes Tagging is that when you hear a song you like on HD Radio, you press a button on your radio to “tag” the song; your iPod later transfers tag data to iTunes on your computer, where you can then purchase the song. Best of all, unlike satellite radio, which provides similar quality and many of the same features, there is no monthly subscription fee.

HD digital radio means FM that sounds like a CD, AM that sounds like FM and farewell to snap, crackle and pop. Because digital signals can carry more information, the digital radio revolution also means a wide variety of new programming and new formats on HD2 multi-cast channels. And since it’s radio, it’s still local and free. More than 3,000 stations are currently upgrading to digital broadcasting, with more than 700 already on the air.

With HD Radio, broadcasters can use the current radio spectrum to transmit free analog simultaneously with new higher quality digital signals. This eliminates the static, hiss, pops and fades associated with today’s radio caused by conditions known as multipath, noise and interference.

But if a digital radio signal revolutionizes radio and no one can hear it, did it happen? That’s where comes in. The site helps consumers join the revolution with information on what HD digital radio is, what’s on the air in their area, where to buy a digital radio receiver and more. now offers a full range of radios from a wide variety of manufacturers for your car. Select from a simple-to-use buyer’s guide that can sort by device manufacturer and price. Easily find Florida High Definition Radio stations and new country music stations you can only hear on an HD Radio with the station guide.